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Shadows of Doubt 4.1 -- Alone

Hey, guys :)

We're beginning the fourth season of this fic, hope you're all still enjoying it... I've had an idea what I wanted to do with this season for a while and hope you will all like where it goes :)

Thanks, let me know what you think :)


Title: Shadows of Doubt: A Dark-Wilson House Redux
Episode: 4.1 -- Alone
Disclaimer: House, Wilson, and all other characters/ideas taken from the show are not my own, and I'm making no profit from the writing of this fiction -- just for fun, I promise. :P (Some dialogue this chapter taken directly from the episode.)
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: In this particular 'verse, I've changed one thing about the canon timeline. At the beginning of the story, when House and Wilson first get together, Wilson is already recently divorced from Julie.
Story Warnings: slash, dark Wilson -- specific warnings for each chapter as necessary
Chapter Warnings: violence
Story Summary: A darker version of how canon might have gone, if House and Wilson had entered into a relationship from the start -- and if that relationship took a gradually dark, disturbing turn.
Chapter Summary:
House tries to come to terms with the changes in his life following Wilson's arrest.

Cuddy almost drove straight home when she left her office that evening.
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